Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fujitsu U2010 Thoughts

I read on GottaBeMobile today that the specs for the new Fujitsu U2010 have been released. This machine is considered an Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC), and I have the same form factor in a U810 from Fujitsu. I like the machine, and find it reliable and possessing decent performance. But I do not understand several things about the upgraded U2010, especially as an owner of a U810:
  1. The resolution is too high (1024x768) for such a small screen (5.6"). That will make it very hard to use as a reading device.
  2. The use of an passive digitizer instead of an active one is ill advised, especially at that cost. My U810 definitely vectors due to an errant little finger, requiring the user to hold their hand at an awkward position. This limits the tablet as an input device.
  3. The RAM at 1Gb is too low, and I assume it is not user upgradeable (like the U810). I really prefer 4Gb for most machines now, and a minimum of 2gb for Windows Vista.
  4. The keyboard looks bigger on this one (than that on the U810), but with the same size screen, it is very likely the same. I have found in discussion that only women with smaller hands find the U810 keyboard useful for any long periods of time.

I like my U810 but this size device is kind of a tweener that is vexed by trying to answer the question of: what should it really be? Especially at this cost.

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